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 Basic Abilities

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Narora Soulist
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Narora Soulist

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PostSubject: Basic Abilities   Basic Abilities I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 15, 2010 12:58 am

Name of Tech/Ability: Genkigan

Effect: alows you to see Rouges and the such.

Drawback/Cooldown: n/a

Name of Tech/Ability: Senken

Effect: alows you to travle at high speeds. (like Shunpo or Sonido)

LV 1 - 3 post cool down
LV 2 - 2 post cool down
LV 3 - 1 post cool down
LV4 - Mastered, no cool down or draw back.

Name of Tech/Ability: Killing Intent

Effect: acts like Spiritual Pressure, in other words, it puts an unseeable force down on your opponent. unlike spiritual pressure, it is not the feel of killing, its the undesirable need to kill.

depends on Power level, every 10,000 number's of power, = 1 post duration.
12,000 = 1 post
22,000 = 2 posts
32,000 = 3 posts

(will be edited, doesn't need to be approved)
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Basic Abilities
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