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 Ultima Form Rules

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Narora Soulist
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Narora Soulist

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PostSubject: Ultima Form Rules   Ultima Form Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 7:59 pm

Ok, well the Ultima form is just what it is, your Ultimate Form. it...:

    Ultimate Form gives:
  • increased power.
  • Tail Numbers are twice the power.
  • Wing numbers are twice the power.
  • Your Attack, Defense, and Speed are huge.
  • You gain a temporary Uzugi-Genkigan.

For some who don't know, the Uzugi-Genkigan still lets you see the Rogues, but it also has Sharingan like effects, slowing down movement. it can copy, but only movements of others. if i think spells should be up, than you can temporary copy them until the form deactivates.

    The down sides:
  • You are only able to use it when on Death's Doorstep.
  • You are completely wiped out after use of it (really tired)
  • You cannot use it again untill 2 full pages have passed in the topic.
  • You must have a Power Level of 20,000.
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Ultima Form Rules
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